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In Germany, Churchgoers Are Encouraged To Tweet From The Pews

In Germany this year, the Protestant church is celebrating 500 years since Martin Luther brought about the Reformation. Today, as the number of churchgoers dwindles, the clergy is turning to new media to appeal to those with little time to attend worship in person. In the eastern city of Magdeburg, the monotone peal of a single church bell calls a modest flock of parishioners to evening prayers at the Walloon Reformed Church of St. Augustine. As the faithful file into a High Gothic church where Martin Luther once delivered a sermon, most fumble around in handbags and pockets, looking for their
Foreign Policy
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Religion & Spirituality

Religion vs. Culture

RELIGION COMES IN countless forms, depending either on the soil from which that religion arose or the soil in which it was planted. What we call Christianity in America is not what Guatemalans call Christianity. It’s not what Iraqis call Christianity. What we call Islam in the United States is vastly different from Islam in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Nigeria or Indonesia. The notion that religion clashes with a culture is a misunderstanding of what religion is, but, more specifically, the idea that Islam clashes with American culture is just foolishness, naiveté, and lies. There is no clash betw
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Religion & Spirituality

Trump’s Cabinet Is Reportedly Holding White House Bible Studies. Is That Unconstitutional?

Several of President Donald Trump’s key Cabinet officials meet regularly for bible study in the White House, according to a laudatory report released Monday by the Christian Broadcasting Network. At least one expert said she finds the news “troubling” — not because of the meetings themselves, but because of who’s conducting them. The man who’s leading the meetings, Ralph Drollinger, is an evangelical minister with a history of anti-LGBTQ sentiment and the founder of the evangelical Capitol Ministries, a group with the stated goal of spreading “the Gospel” to public servants. Maggie Garrett, t
White Hot Truth
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