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Can’t Wait To Be Married: Hundreds Of Same-sex Couples Celebrate Their Wedding In Taiwan
May 24 opens the gates to marriage equality for same-sex couples in Taiwan. Hundreds of couples got married on the island, celebrating social recognition and the end of discrimination.
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30 Years After The Tiananmen Massacre: The Troubled History Of The Goddess Of Democracy
The Goddess of Democracy stood for five days in the Tiananmen Square in 1989 before the bloody massacre of June 4.
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In The UK, Timorese Celebrated 17 Years Since The Restoration Of Timor-Leste's Independence
The Timorese residing in the university city of Oxford, UK, hosted the event "20 May", where they celebrated 17 years of the restoration of Timor-Leste's independence.
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Russian Website Attempts To Impersonate Established News Outlet Covering The Balkans
"The purpose of publishing under the name Balkanist in Russian is to confuse readers at home, in Russia and elsewhere into questioning our sincerity, what and who we support."
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North Macedonia Vows To Remedy Injustices Against NGOs, Closes Legal Loopholes Abused By Former Government
"NGOs were penalized and unjustly fined for mistakes they had not made," said Deputy Prime Minister Radmilla Šekerinska.
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Kenyan Writer, Binyavanga Wainaina, Who Taught The World ‘How To Write About Africa,’ Dies At 48
"There is only one Binyavanga Wainaina. He is an ancestor now. Let us celebrate his life." The world mourns the loss and honors the prolific life of Kenya's leading writer.
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Inflatable Tank Man Sculpture Appears In Taiwan Ahead Of Tiananmen Massacre Anniversary
"I think it is important to the Taiwanese people to continue discussing this topic – preventing people from forgetting this event"
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Taiwan's Same-sex Marriage Bill Is A Half-victory For Rainbow Families
Taiwan has officialized same-sex marriage and granted new rights to the queer community, yet for LGBT parents with children, the battle continues.
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Afghanistan's ‘Art Lords’ On Painting Change At Street Level
Omid Sharifi at work. Photo provided by Art Lords. It started with a dream of two Kabuli boys, Omid Sharifi and Kabir Mokamil, who wanted to reclaim Afghanistan, “from thieves and the corrupt.” The embattled urban spaces of the capital Kabul were a w
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“If Big Tech Companies Won’t Solve The Problem For Us. We Can Do It Ourselves.”
My 92 year old grandfather, like Nigerians of his generation, can read and write in Yorùbá. But since they are not 'literate' in English, they are digitally excluded.
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India's Lok Sabha 2019: Results Are In After A Weeks-long Election Process
People have taken to Twitter to vent out their anticipation. Many have taken the exit polls results to be completely reflective of the actual results and have started congratulating Narendra Modi.
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Kami Rita Sherpa Breaks Record As He Climbs Mount Everest For The 24th Time
Defying all odds, the Nepali Sherpa guide climbed the world’s highest peak twice in a week this year – making 24 ascents to Mt. Everest.
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Afghanistan's Mina Mangal: ‘A Strong, Self-made Woman’ Gunned Down In Broad Daylight
The prominent journalist-turned-parliamentary advisor hinted that she needed protection. No one stepped in to provide it.
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Love Wins: Same-sex Marriage Law Fully Endorsed By Taiwan’s Legislature
Taiwan is the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage, now officially voted by the parliament. The first weddings are expected on May 24.
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Mozambican Contestant Won World Bodybuilding Competition In Hong Kong
Bruno Saraiva won an award in Hong Kong | photo provided by Bruno (20.04.2019) On 17 April, the Mozambican athlete Bruno Saraiva won an international bodybuilding competition in Hong Kong. After beating five competitors, the athlete won first place i
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A Tale Of Two Parents: Georgian Drag Artist On Hostility, Acceptance And Learning To Love Life
‘I’m proud that I have come so far being who I am and didn’t give in’, Drago says. (Tamuna Chkareuli / OC Media) The following is a version of a partner post by Tamuna Chkareuli that first appeared on the website OC Media. Drago — a stage pseudonym —
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Western Balkan Countries Look At The Past And The Future At The Venice Biennale 2019
Among the participants at the Venice Biennale are the Western Balkan countries, which see it as an excellent opportunity to showcase the art and promote their artists, beyond their borders.
Global Voices8 min read
The Beauty Of Afro-Peruvian Women Through Ayleen Díaz's Illustrations
"By drawing different body types and different hair textures, I want people to learn how everything is beautiful."
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Why Are Colombian Indigenous Peoples Protesting Against President Ivan Duque?
Indigenous people in Colombia have organized national protests against President Duque's new development plan, joining forces with other civil society groups like afro-Colombians, small-scale farmers, labor unions and students.
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Netizen Report: Amid WhatsApp Attacks, Advocates Launch Legal Challenge Against Israeli Malware Maker
Spyware makers exploit a security flaw in WhatsApp, Singapore bans false information and Somalia plans to shut down social media during school exams.
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30 Years After The Tiananmen Massacre: An Interview With Survivor Zhou Fengsuo
"It is becoming more and more difficult to demand responsibility for June 4th. Do you still have any hope?"
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Brazilians Took To The Streets To Protest Bolsonaro's Education Cuts
From São Paulo to the Amazon, thousands of Brazilians went out on May 15 to defend public education.
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Anti-Muslim Attacks Stoke Tensions And Incite Fear Amongst Mourning Sri Lankans
On 12 May Sunday, anti-muslim violence started over a Facebook post by a Muslim trader in coastal Chilaw town in Puttalam District, North Western Province of Sri Lanka.
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In Hong Kong, The Sexual Connotation Of Ikea's New Tofu Ice Cream Ad Creates Controversy
Online campaign #we love holding hands and hate eating tofu. Photo via Scholars Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity's facebook page. An online advertisement about tofu ice cream released by Swedish furniture company Ikea in Hong Kong has stirred
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Jamaica’s ‘Voices For Climate Change’ Spreads Its Message With Music
One forward-thinking NGO is promoting smart environmental practices by harnessing artistic talent to do outreach and raise awareness about climate change.
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Facebook Posts Trigger More Arrests In Bangladesh, Worrying Netizens
Two people were arrested on May 14 and 15, for comments they had posted on Facebook. The arrests have sparked indignation and concern on social media in Bangladesh.
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Dear European Commission: Don't Let Political Parties Use Our Data To Manipulate The Vote
Rather than protecting individuals’ rights, exceptions to the GDPR in some countries are limiting freedom of expression, eroding privacy, and abetting the spread of disinformation.
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Hong Kong Multimedia Project Commemorates The 30th Anniversary Of June 4 Massacre In Beijing
"Facts are being distorted [...] No journalist should let this happen. Not only should they retell the tragedy but also their insights into it. That's the obligation of every witness of history."
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Global Voices Is Seeking An Advocacy Director
Global Voices is seeking an Advocacy Director to guide our reporting, activism and research on freedom of expression and the digital rights field.
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Singapore Parliament Approves ‘Anti-fake News’ Law — Will This Curtail Free Speech?
The law gives broad, unchecked powers to government ministers to determine what online information is "false" and should thus be censored or corrected.
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