The Guardian2 min read
Susan Sontag Is Just The Latest Woman Known To Have Had Her Work Stolen By A Man
Women are increasingly taking control of their narratives, but we will need a lot more books and films to right all the wrongs
The Guardian8 min read
Lesley Manville: ‘I Want To Go Dancing And Drink Too Much – And I’m Over 60’
The Bafta nominee has been discovered by Hollywood after 47 years as an actor. She talks about ageism, losing her anonymity and spa trips with her Mum co-stars
The Guardian3 min readTech
We’re Deluged With Images Of ‘Beauty’. No Wonder So Many Of Us Feel So Bad | Dawn Foster
Adverts constantly bombard us on social media, undermining our self-confidence. We know the cost – this can’t continue
The Guardian3 min readSociety
A Sex Strike Is Not Enough: Women Need To Down Tools Completely | Suzanne Moore
The idea proposed last week by Alyssa Milano won’t cut it. To assert their worth, women should refuse to fulfil the unpaid labour expected by society
The Guardian4 min read
Want To Read More? Choose An Extremely Long Book | Juliet Lapidos
Our 21st-century attention spans require a new approach to literacy. I’d like to propose one here
The Guardian4 min read
From New York’s Fake Heiress To Donald Trump, We’re Living In The Age Of The Scam | Hadley Freeman
Unless you are Bob Dylan in the 60s, or Bret Easton Ellis in the 90s, it is very hard to capture the zeitgeist when you are still living through it. But while I have yet to write my The Times They Are A-Changin’ or American Psycho, I’m going to descr
The Guardian4 min read
What We Can Learn From Tina Fey’s Workplace Comedies
They say “write what you know” and Tina Fey knows a lot about work. Specifically, working in live TV (she was on Saturday Night Live from 1997 to 2006). She turned that experience first into the Emmy-winning 30 Rock, and later brought it to her produ
The Guardian5 min read
Thirty Years On, The Tiananmen Square Image That Shocked The World
Photographer Jeff Widener explains how a series of mishaps meant it was almost the picture that got away
The Guardian13 min read
The Schoolgirls Who Defied The Stasi: 'Someone Said, "What If We Take Him Across The Border?"'
They were West German teenagers on a school trip. He was a young man desperate to escape from East Germany. Thirty five years later, they tell their story
The Guardian3 min read
Public Libraries Are Not Just About Books. At Their Heart, They Are About Social Equity | Nicola Heath
Working in libraries I learned so much about the city I lived in. We lose nothing by making them a safe space for the community
The Guardian3 min readPolitics
Mystery Of The Missing Whale: Is It A Russian Spy Or Child Therapist?
Beluga with Russian harness found off Norwegian coast – but no one has publicly announced they’ve lost a whale
The Guardian4 min read
Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard: ‘Denying Climate Change Is Evil’
The octogenarian entrepreneur, who prefers gardening to meetings, says capitalism is destroying earth
The Guardian2 min read
We’re In A Golden Age Of Feminist TV, And Don’t Even Need The Bechdel Test To Prove It
Killing Eve, Derry Girls, Glow, Big Little Lies, The Bold Type, Claws: with this sort of variety, female-led shows no longer have to speak for every woman
The Guardian4 min readPolitics
Tiananmen Square: China Steps Up Curbs On Activists For 30th Anniversary
Government’s critics say controls are more severe: ‘They know the 30th anniversary means a lot’
The Guardian3 min read
'Ireland Is Changing': Booze-free Bar Opens In Dublin
The Irish writer Brendan Behan made a famous declaration that he drank only on two occasions. “When I’m thirsty and when I’m not.” Many compatriots adopted the quip as a defiant motto, an embrace of the stereotype of the boozy Irishman swaying on a b
The Guardian8 min read
A Cold-water Cure? My Weekend With The ‘Ice Man’
Wim Hof claims cold-water immersion can help fight modern diseases. As outdoor swimming becomes ever more popular in the UK, photojournalist Jonny Weeks joined him for a weekend to experience it firsthand
The Guardian14 min readSociety
How To Fix Capitalism: Nine Expert Solutions For America's Broken System
Discontent with America’s economic system is widespread, so could tax credits, transport subsidies or better childcare help? Or is capitalism not broken at all?
The Guardian6 min readReligion & Spirituality
The Rebel Priest: ‘Gay People In The Church Are Not Going To Go Away’
The Rev Andrew Foreshew-Cain says his same-sex marriage cost him his ministry. Now he is launching a campaign for the rights of LGBTQ Christians
The Guardian4 min read
Bear Clan: A Model Of Indigenous Activism That's Swept Across Canada
An organisation founded in the 90s and revived in 2014 is now 1,100 volunteers who walk the streets looking for ways to help
The Guardian7 min read
'Paradise Was Sent To Hell': Revisiting The Town Destroyed By Wildfire
It’s been six months since an unprecedented fire leveled the town of Paradise, killing 85 people. Despite its suffering, a community holds on
The Guardian4 min read
Notre Dame: Time To Call In The French Builders With Medieval Skills
Artisans creating a ‘13th-century’ castle in Burgundy might well be the ideal team to restore the cathedral
The Guardian4 min read
We Are Full Of Bright Ideas To Solve Ecological Problems. So Let’s Act On Them | Chris Packham
There is hope in the face of environmental crises. But we must all – farmers, citizens, politicians – embrace change
The Guardian5 min read
Loss Of Biodiversity Is Just As Catastrophic As Climate Change | Robert Watson
Nature is being eroded at rates unprecedented in human history but we still have time to stave off mass extinctions
The Guardian5 min read
'Senseless Hate': The Far Right's Deep Roots In Southern California
The Poway synagogue shooting is far from the first time California’s Jewish communities faced threats, as rightwing groups date as far back as the 1920s
The Guardian6 min read
Ramadan: ‘It Will Be A Test But The Peace You Get Is Beautiful’
A month of fasting brings both challenge and rewards. Three Muslims explain how they combine its spirituality with their busy lives
The Guardian3 min read
King Vajiralongkorn: Who Is Thailand's New Monarch?
Eccentric, privileged and ‘a bit of a Don Juan’, he will hope to draw same loyalty as his father
The Guardian6 min read
The UK’s 10 Best Music Festivals
Whether you go full-on feral at Glastonbury or chomp on churros at a one-day dad-fest, there’s a festival for you Modern Toss on festivals
The Guardian4 min readTech
Britons Less Trusting Of Social Media Than Other Major Nations
Britons trust social media platforms less than any other major nation and favour stronger regulation of Silicon Valley’s technology companies, according to a survey of 23 countries. More than four in five Britons distrust platforms such as Facebook a
The Guardian3 min readPolitics
In An Age Of Extremes, Most People Are Really Pretty Moderate
It is not hard to scroll through a huge global opinion survey and find the outliers. They are many and compelling: vaccine-doubters, conspiracy theorists, arch-pessimists and even people who approve of Theresa May. The danger however is that these ne
The Guardian6 min read
The Plot That Failed: How Venezuela's 'Uprising' Fizzled
When the coup was hurriedly launched a day early, defections from the regime failed to materialise, Maduro remained in power and the US government looked like it had badly miscalculated
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