Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
Was Morsi’s Brief Presidency An Opportunity Lost For Israel?
The late Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi hated Israel, but his relationship with Hamas held the promise of negotiating a long-term truce between the organization and Israel and potentially altering the landscape in Gaza.
Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
Opposition Candidate Wins Istanbul Mayor's Race In Blow To AKP
Voters rebuke long-time AKP dominance in Istanbul, delivering victory to CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu in a controversial election do-over.
Al-Monitor5 min readPolitics
How Will S-400 Affair Affect Turkish-NATO Ties?
Calls for Turkey to be expelled from NATO or for Turkey to leave NATO are not realistic, say experts.
Al-Monitor5 min read
Turkey’s Olive Branches Have Prickly Effect On Saudis
Grappling with serious economic woes, Turkey is seeking to normalize ties with Saudi Arabia, but some of its fence-mending have badly backfired.
Al-Monitor3 min read
Aleppo Beekeepers No Longer Feel Sting Of War
Honey production, a long tradition in the Aleppo countryside, is showing signs of recovery.
Al-Monitor4 min read
Is Iran’s Reformist-moderate Coalition Coming To An End?
With Iran’s next parliamentary elections just eight months away, the moderates and Reformists are talking about ending their coalition, raising concerns that the hard-liners will return to power.
Al-Monitor5 min read
Cleaning Lebanon’s Shores: Is It Enough To Solve Waste Crisis?
Hundreds of volunteers took part in a campaign launched by the Ministry of Environment to clean Lebanon's shoreline, but some say this is a cosmetic move that will not come close to solving the country's endemic waste problem.
Al-Monitor4 min read
Iran’s Central Bank Tightens Grip On National Payment System
Iran’s central bank is increasingly closing loopholes in the country’s payment system that allowed for destabilization of the monetary and foreign currency markets.
Al-Monitor3 min readSociety
Coding Academy Opens New Opportunities For Moroccan Youth
3W Academy Maroc aims at addressing youth unemployment in Morocco through accessible tech education.
Al-Monitor4 min read
The Syrian Funeral That Divided Turkey
A funeral ceremony for a controversial Syrian militant, known as “the singer of the revolution,” has sparked indignation in Turkey.
Al-Monitor5 min read
Under US Plan, Palestinian Refugees Will Still Be Refugees
There is word that the United States wants to improve Palestinians refugees' living conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, but Palestinians fear the measure is an attempt to merely paint over the real issue: the refugees' right to return to their home
Al-Monitor4 min read
Iran’s Concert Tax Infuriates Artists, Music Fans
Iran’s musicians worry that a new tax that chips away 10% of concert revenues would deliver a blow to their stage performances.
Al-Monitor3 min read
Pentagon Official Says 'Campaign' Of Iranian Threats Caused US Middle East Surge
A “campaign” of Iranian threats against US and allied forces pushed the Pentagon to send fresh troops and weapons to the Middle East last month, a top Defense Department international policy official said at an Al-Monitor breakfast today.
Al-Monitor5 min read
Lebanon University Strike Threatens Students’ Futures
As the Lebanese parliament is considering austerity measures that would see public wages slashed, the Lebanese University continues its open-ended strike, with students missing classes for weeks now.
Al-Monitor5 min readPolitics
Which Road Will Israel’s New Justice Minister Take?
Justice Minister Amir Ohana has the opportunity to engage Israeli Supreme Court justices in a dialogue that could ultimately benefit the entire judicial system, but he might just as well continue to attack the court in ways pleasing to the person who
Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
Distrust Of SDF, Unclear Future Divide Syrian Tribal Massacre Area
Al-Monitor traveled to the Shaitat area of Deir ez-Zor, scene of a 2014 massacre in which up to 1,000 mostly men and boys were killed within a few weeks after the tribe rose up against the Islamic State, to understand how the people there are dealing
Al-Monitor3 min readPolitics
Republicans Rebuke Trump Over Gulf Arms Sales
Congress is going on offense against President Donald Trump’s use of emergency powers to arm Arab states.
Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
Trump Presses UAE On Alleged Human Rights Abuses In Yemen
The Defense Department says in a new strategy that it has pressed the United Arab Emirates to investigate allegations of torture in Yemeni detention centers.
Al-Monitor3 min read
Why Turkey Is Closing Down Syrian Refugee Camps
The Turkish government has been systematically closing down Syrian refugee camps, citing high costs and integration problems, but are those the real reasons?
Al-Monitor4 min read
Is US Pressure Really Uniting Iran's Rival Political Camps?
Washington's mounting pressure on Tehran might have been expected to forge unity among Iran's rival political camps. But Iranian hard-liners seem to be seizing the moment by attacking an already weakened Rouhani administration ahead of key polls next
Al-Monitor3 min readTech
Iranian Public Outrage Forces 'Correction' Of Kindergarten Directive
Amid widespread public outrage, Iranian authorities had to revise an official order that sought to ban religious minorities from teaching at government-run kindergartens.
Al-Monitor3 min read
US Denies Willingness To Talk Over S-400 Concerns With Turkey
A Pentagon spokesman told Al-Monitor that its concerns with Ankara’s purchase of the Russian missile defense system “cannot be mitigated.”
Al-Monitor5 min read
Netanyahu Needs A Miracle
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confronted with an almost impossible mission: winning the new elections with at least 40 Knesset seats, composing a majority without Avigdor Liberman and convincing coalition partners to legislate quickly the immu
Al-Monitor6 min read
Ankara Backs Some Turkmens In Iraqi Politics, Shuns Others
By ostracizing Turkmen politicians who supported the 2017 independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey could be shooting itself in the foot.
Al-Monitor4 min read
Oil Dispute Reignites Baghdad-Erbil Tensions
Baghdad and Erbil's relations have largely normalized following the Kurdistan Regional Government's failed independence referendum in 2017. However, the Kurdish failure to commit to the federal budget law risks tarnishing those relations.
Al-Monitor4 min read
Who Is Really Behind Torching Of Iraqi Grain Fields?
The setting afire of grain fields in disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil flames ethnic tensions between Arabs and Kurds.
Al-Monitor5 min readPolitics
New Israeli Elections Throw Wrench In US Peace Plan
With a new Israeli government unlikely to be formed until late October, as the US 2020 presidential campaign heats up, the Trump administration is increasingly unlikely to present the political component of its peace vision before a second term, anal
Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
The Genesis Of A Palestinian Medical Boycott
While the decision to stop new Palestinian referrals to Israeli hospitals will save the government $100 million a year, the call was a middle-ground agreement and will not be easy on the most vulnerable.
Al-Monitor4 min read
IS Exploits Disputed Areas, Sets Iraqi Fields On Fire
A rash of farmland set on fire, allegedly by the Islamic State, threatens massive economic loss and more internally displaced persons.
Al-Monitor4 min readPolitics
PMU Economic Offices Undermine Fragile Stability In Mosul
The Popular Mobilization Units are spreading their economic influence in Mosul after playing a main part in the city's liberation.
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