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Viewpoint Michael Topham
I believe there's an unwritten rule that all photographers should adhere to when working in close proximity to other photographers. If someone makes the effort to set their alarm earlier than you, treks several miles to a remote location and sets up
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Stick ’em up
I suspect many photographers have a guilty feeling lurking inside that they should really be using a tripod more often. While the remarkable high-ISO and image-stabilisation capabilities of modern cameras allow handheld shooting in incredibly low lig
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Top Tripods And Kits
Decent tripods don't have to weigh a ton or cost a fortune, and it's possible to get lightweight but sturdy tripods for under £100. Compromises include a lower maximum height and recommended load, meaning these tripods are best suited for use with sm
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Specialist Tripods And Accessories
There's something to be said for carrying a small but sturdy table-top tripod with you all the time, which you can deploy in situations where full-size tripods can't be used. The key lies in finding one that's sturdy enough. Contenders include the Cu
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I enjoyed the AP 20 April issue on second-hand cameras. Although I've used digital SLRs for some time, I have a large collection of film cameras, all acquired second-hand. However, I felt there was a category that was overlooked, but worthy of consid
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Tripod Heads
By far the most popular type of tripod head, these win on light weight and speed of use, but can be difficult to adjust really precisely. The best have an independently lockable panning base, and a friction control to adjust the drag on the ball move
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Modular Backpacks
External fabric should be treated to make it water repellent. Some backpacks offer a rain cover, providing protection when exposed to extreme wet weather. For ultimate comfort on the move and over prolonged durations, look for a modular backpack that
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News Round-up
You have until 30 June to enter the Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019 contest. Organisers are seeking ‘photographs which will inspire individuals and corporations... to take serious action towards being more sustainable.’ Submit up to 10 ph
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Land Of Plenty
Finding locations is easy if you devise a plan of action and put in some legwork For more than 25 years, Jeremy Walker has been producing landscape, architectural and urban images for use by advertising agencies, design clients and publishers. Not on
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3 Legged Thing Ellie
● £64.99 ● 3 LEGGED Thing is known for giving unusual names to its products. Having reviewed Zelda (AP 23 March) – an L-bracket made for Nikon's Z 6 and Z 7 cameras, we're now looking at Ellie, which builds on the QR11 from 2017
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Best Buys
● £52-179 ● HOYA'S Ultra-Pro range of circular polarisers is the company's premium offering, available in 13 sizes from 37mm to 82mm. Compared to cheaper versions, they have tougher glass, feature 16 layers of anti-reflective coa
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Plaubel Makina III
LAUNCHED 1949 PRICE AT LAUNCH £100 GUIDE PRICE NOW £300-350 Many cameras designed for large format cut film gave the option of also using 120 roll film. Very few offered facilities for 35mm as well. But that's what you get with a Makina III. It wa
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Ian Berry
It’s quite rare to see a photojournalist change the course of history… but that’s exactly what happened when Ian Berry photographed the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa in 1960. Berry was working for the South African magazine Drum when his edito
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Fast 35mm Tamron SP anniversary lens
TAMRON has released full details of the SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD prime lens for Canon and Nikon full-frame DSLRs, which was first announced at the CP+ camera show in Japan in February this year. This rain- and moisture-resistant lens features 14 elements
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A Changing Landscape
What a view! Tripod out, camera and lens on. Wide angle. Frame and compose. Look for lead-in lines, a focal point. Rule of thirds. Is the horizon straight? Focus. Stop down to f/16. Depth-of-field preview check. Meter highlights and shadows. Better a
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