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The Taste case
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the grapes used to make the fine wines of Burgundy and are also the main grapes in Champagne and SA's own Méthode Cap Classique. In this wine, they are given a delightful South African twist with litchi, white peach and
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Q: What’s Your Favourite Family Recipe?
No one in my family can cook apart from my Oma. She started to teach me when I was around 15. One of the best things I learnt to make was her crumbly Dutch shortbread, which I still make to this day. The consistency is so soft and the taste very more
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My Mother Superior
A few months ago, my friend Algria was looking after Seb while Jacques and I attended a parents’ meeting at his new school. As night fell and the first stars came out, Seb accompanied her when she took her dog Snowy out for his last walk of the day i
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Home Truths
In the early nineties, I found myself working at a historical mansion in Washington DC that served as a retreat for congressmen, senators and world leaders. I spent my days mangling sheets, polishing marble floors and turning rooms, and my time off r
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Hong Kong hustle
The taut, ochre, glossy skin of roasted goose will beckon to you from every corner, but if you only have one chance to try this renowned dish, you may as well follow Anthony Bourdain’s recommendation. While the queues at Yat Lok can seem endless, the
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My Mother’s Child
MAY IS A SIGNIFICANT MONTH for me. Three years ago, celebrating Mother’s Day at home with my extended family, I made a giant smoked ham hock and pork belly pie with mashed potato. I wrote about it a few months later for the “Comfort food” issue, beca
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Cake Boss
“My nana was an excellent baker. We’d often bake together using just a wooden spoon and a Mason mixing bowl, which I still have today and use to serve my salads. Baking was a weekly ritual; sometimes even twice a week. My nan would leave the butter o
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The Upper Crust
“Don’t expect any leftovers with this recipe!” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 40 minutes olive oil 3 T, plus extra for brushingleeks 2, finely choppedgarlic 4 cloves, finely choppedthyme 1½ tlemon ½, zestedsmok
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My Mother Made It...
“My mom was not very interested in cooking but she was known for her apple pie, and she made a lovely crustless milk tart for special occasions. She also baked lots of biscuits for the summer holidays, including ones called soentjies (kisses), very s
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Tea Party
Vancouver-based writer and photographer @indulgewithmimi is perhaps best known for her macarons, but she’s got skills when it comes to choux pastry, too. Inspired by the Japanese anime character Totoro, these creatures are filled with an Earl Grey-in
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Down To Earth
Serves 8A LITTLE EFFORTPreparation: 15 minutesCooking: 30 minutes Woolworths mixed exotic mushrooms 2 x 300 g punnetsolive oil 3–4 Tsea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to tastebrandy 2 Trosemary 3 sprigsbutter 50 gwhite anchovies, for serving
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Trending Teas
Fruit infusions are nothing new, but how does onion tea grab you? What about spinach, broccoli or beetroot? Inspired by the search for less sugary beverage options, veg-based infusions are gaining popularity. Mushroom tea, in particular, has a bevy o
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“I Got It From My Mama”
since I was a child knows two things about me: I’m very sensitive and I love to eat. As a little girl, these two attributes brought me immeasurable grief because I was always either crying about something I wanted to eat but couldn’t (raw potatoes, t
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Carl Wastie
The reason I feel a connection to Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia is because of Ivor Jones, the chef. I first met him when he was working at The Test Kitchen. The only table we could get was at the counter where Ivor was working. This guy! He made th
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Chicken Supreme
“Make the crumbed fillets from scratch, top with ready-made Napoletana sauce and cheese, and this Italian-American favourite is on the table in under an hour.” Serves 4EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutesCooking: 20 minutes free-range ski
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Nolu Dube-Cele
When I was a kid, I had to prepare my own food because my mom would come back from work late. I think that’s where I found my love of food. I didn’t really want to go into cheffing because I didn’t grow up with any chefs who I could look up to. My m
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From Persia With Love
At first glance, you’d be forgiven for spotting a bit of Nigella in Aliya Ferguson (Haeri-Mazandarani). The soothing, low timbre of her voice and elegant British accent don’t hurt. Nor do the long chestnut locks. And then there’s the way she moves ef
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Curry Flavour
Few things in life warm the belly like a fragrant curry and, with winter headed our way, it’s high on the to-do list. Whether you like a bowl of butter chicken or a creamy korma, spicy vindaloo with rotis or a delicious lamb curry pie – you can’t go
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Plate Accompli
IT COULD BE SAID THAT local chef and cookbook author Marlene van der Westhuizen lives a charmed life, dividing her time between her home in Green Point, Cape Town, and the house in the medieval town of Charroux in rural France where she hosts her coo
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To make the fries, peel and chop 200 g Nicola Mediterranean potatoes into matchsticks. Toss in kitchen paper to dry and blot off the excess starch. Heat sunflower oil in a medium-sized saucepan. Fry the potatoes in batches until golden brown, then re
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Two Moms And A Melktert
Portugal has never been on my bucket list of places to visit. Not that I have anything against the country, its food or its people; it’s just never been more attractive to me than, say, Spain or France. Or Vietnam, Sri Lanka or Japan. (Yes, I have a
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Spice It Up
Everything about writing this book felt like home to me. I listed all the spices I have cooked with – from my Cape Malay heritage, from my travels. I wanted Spice Odyssey to be a celebration of my love for spices and my reverence for the simple act o
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The Life Of Pie
CHOUX PASTRY is used for making éclairs and profiteroles. Unlike other pastries, it is made on the stovetop using melted butter and water. It expands as it cooks, making the perfect cavity to fill with cream or crème patissière. FLAKY PASTRY should
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Sherry Shift
In the seventies, NASA briefly entertained the idea of sending sherry to space in an effort to improve the purportedly inedible space rations. Plans were shelved after a flurry of angry letters from the public. Since then, it hasn’t had the best repu
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Be A Pastry Pro
When working with frozen puff pastry, thaw it in the fridge if you have time, rather than at room temperature. This will ensure that it remains pliable without softening too much. If it’s an emergency (read: loadshedding), you can thaw it at room tem
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Sweet Sensation
With winter approaching, our thoughts turn to citrus fruit, hearty food, the comfort of the fire – and perhaps a fine glass of dessert wine to enjoy with it. The KWV Classic Collection’s dessert wines, including Cape Full Cream sherry-style wine and
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What’s For Dinner?
Soften 4 finely chopped spring onions, 1 finely grated peeled onion and 3 cloves minced garlic in 50 g butter and 2 T olive oil over a low heat until translucent. Add 1 litre water and 1–2 sticks vegetable stock concentrate and bring to the boil. Add
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The Message On Your Bottle
The old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover is also true for wine, but let’s be honest: the details on the labels are often all you have to go on. This info might just alleviate future wine-aisle anxiety. Traditionally, wine label
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Kara Mia!
The cooler months are upon us and that means it’s time for hearty comfort food. What could be more satisfying than a roasted sweet potato, or a fragrant sweet potato curry? If that sounds like it’s up your alley, then you’ll love Woolworths’ range of
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Your Daily Bread
Durban baker Adam Robinson of Glenwood Bakery is fanatical about his craft. He even owns his own small stone mill, imported from Austria, which he bought to experiment with doughs made using five-minute milled flour. “It behaves differently and taste
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