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A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action...
Well, now we know. For as long as there have been racers and race engineers, the substance of the conversations between the two in the pits during practice has been the stuff of myth and mythtery. It goes like this: rider comes in from hot lap, passe
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Rumble In The Autojumble
What: ’Normous Newark Autojumble When: June 30, 2019 Where: Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire NG24 2NY How much: £7 per adult, accompanied under-16s free ’Normous has become the mechanical mecca for any automotive enthusiast. Whether you love tw
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Triumph Factory Customs Are Rocketing
Triumph’s Rocket III, launched in 2004, was a motorcycle with a difference. Now the all-new Triumph Factory Custom Rocket 3, with a new 2500cc triple engine, brings the old beast back to life. Production of the £25,000 bike is limited to 750 models w
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Best Of British never Shaken, Always Stirred
“I say, that’s a very bright-looking bike!” exclaimed the husband of the 50-something couple as they walked past where I’d stopped for a coffee break at the Fleur-de-Lys pub on the banks of the Stratford Canal at Lowsonford. “What is it?” Before I co
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Another 350 miles on the clock this month that included a trip to Corby, Northamptonshire, where Honda’s Press bikes are looked after. The first 600-mile service was the main purpose of my visit, but the part I was looking forward to most was the fit
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Star Letter
A few months ago MSL ran an article by Ross Mowbray on the N623 in Spain as a ‘must ride road’. I was very excited to realise that Puente Viesgo is a village on the N623 about 35 minutes from Santander. I was due to stay in Puente Viesgo with 32 coll
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Lejog In A Day
Lands’ End to John o’ Groats in a day – that’s 874 miles – is the aim of three employees of Honda dealer Wheels Motorcycles, aiming to raise funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. As we went to press, Simon Garrett, Martin Colgate and Andy Dalton
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With the weather getting warmer and the nights drawing out, it was with great joy that I received two large boxes at work. ‘Ahh, the new lunch box has arrived,’ I said. Well, the looks I got were great and the comments even better – most too rude to
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I have recently witnessed, while in a queue of traffic moving albeit slowly, a group of bikers overtaking on solid whites. Why? You are never too far from a stretch where you can legally overtake, plus if seen and stopped by the authorities you have
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Picos Perfection
Picos, the biker’s dream that is reality. Whether you want to tour or enjoy an eight-hour track day of constant bends, the Picos has it all. This was our fifth dry September trip into the mountains, which are easily accessed via the Portsmouth-Santan
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Test fleet: YAMAHA NIKEN
If there’s one thing a bike must do to win my affections over a longer term, it’s serve me well as a mode of transport. Ok, it’s got to offer a means of getting me to where I want to go in a class appreciably higher than ‘standard’. But unless I can
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Riding A Bike Is Good For You
I had wanted to ride a motorbike since the age of 15, when I would spend ages playing the Harley-Davidson Road to Sturgis game on my Amiga 500. Finally, this year at the age of 42, I took my CBT in July, passed the Mod 2 A licence in August and in Se
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Budget Pass Bagging
I was feeling restless on a dull, rainy, March day when I read an article about Bikeshuttle – they will transport your bike to Geneva or Toulouse for about the same as it would cost you to ride there on the motorways. Before I’d had time to think abo
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Test fleet: SUZUKI GSX-S1000F
I could blame it on middle age, I could blame it on being distracted with a hundred different thoughts about work but, whatever I blame it on, I still screwed up. I filled the GSX-S1000F with diesel. Yip, diesel. A whole £15 worth. Not realising this
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How Fast Can You Go Without A Ticket?
There have been rumours about road users being flashed by speed cameras for minor speeding (in some cases going just 1mph over the limit), but according to information from police forces around the country, the vast majority of fixed cameras in the U
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The Bike: CCM GP450
The CCM, complete with Power Commander and suspension upgrade, turned out to be a fantastic touring bike, light but sturdy, happy on almost any surface and easy to pick up off the floor if you need to. It likes spirited riding and up to 70+mph accele
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Test fleet: KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S
Back in November at the Motorcycle Live show I had spent a fair amount of time between the KTM and BMW stands. Since selling my old BMW R1150GS there has been an adventure bike-sized space in the garage that’s needed filling – and both the BMW R1250G
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The Great Pannier Debate
Motorcycle panniers are the things that convert our coffee shop blaster to a travelling, touring, discovering, over-landing time machine. They’re also the cause of much debate. However, if you’re going touring then some form of luggage is a necessity
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Test fleet: HONDA CB650R
Cold and wet – that was what characterised my early, longer rides on the CB650R this month, as I rode along, sat silently cursing – or perhaps loudly, through chattering teeth – its lack of fairing, no heated grips, no heater, no roof… One knows thin
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The Innovv K2 is a recently released dual camera system for motorcyclists, which is capable of recording two channels of simultaneous full HD footage at the same time. The system can be controlled using the Innovv mobile app which allows you to adjus
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Milo Dokmanovic from Kawasaki Motors UK, was being very patient as he took me through it all just one more time… “And so, Bertie, you press this button here, then check the display and then press that button there and you can change the display. Clic
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Ducati’s Next Generation Adventure Gear.
Ducati has joined forces with Spidi, creating a new range of textile clothing for touring and adventure. Designed by legendary helmet painter Aldo Drudi, and developed with the support of Ducati test riders, the Atacama C1 jacket and trousers are ser
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Charging West
In 2013, a team from Italy set a new world record by riding two Zero FXs from Shanghai to Milan (over 13,000km) in 44 days. They had back-up, with spare batteries and mobile generators to enable an average 175 miles a day through remote areas. Nicola
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Test fleet: BMW R1250GS ADVENTURE TE
The GS Adventure is almost a byword for adventure bikes. It has had such sales dominance over the last few years that it has become the bike to beat for all the competitors trying to gain a foothold in the market. And I can see why this has been – an
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A Sad Tale With A Happy Ending
We park our bikes, Tamar’s Piaggio and my Kawasaki, in an assigned space in the basement of our condo building. Our space, dammit, is far from any overhead light fixture or electrical outlet. Worse, the concrete floor of our space is tilted at severa
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When In Amsterdam... ...ride Like The Locals Do
The first thing you notice in Amsterdam is the astounding number of push-bikes on the roads. Or strictly speaking, they’re usually not on roads because the city is pretty much covered in cycle lanes. With more bikes, there are less cars, and traffic
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I Sell Them
Matt Holmes of Craigs Honda has plenty of experience with the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Here’s what he had to say about Honda’s big off-roader. “To be honest with you, we actually sell more Adventure Sports than we do the standard Africa Tw
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