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TYCO : YPVS Yambretta
You couldn’t wish to meet a more unassuming and friendly individual than Tony Holland. Tony got his first scooter, an Li 150 Series 2, when he was 16, and it was simply used as transport to get to work. “The scooter was hand-painted, still with point
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Not So Secret Services
I’ve visited scooter dealers located everywhere from modern retail parks to Victorian mills, but the directions for Wessex Scooters were definitely a first. “Just follow signs for the Atomic Weapons Establishment, look for a red post box, go past the
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Vespa Club Of Britain Official Newsfeed
Whilst a lot of miles are clocked up in the UK, many members travel to the continent to take part in European rallies (let’s hope Brexit doesn’t put a stop to this). Vespa World Days, which takes place in Hungary in June, is no exception to this, as
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Gran Tourismo… For The Big Five Ohhh!
I first met Medway Aces scooterists, Andy Bird and twins Gav and Darren Stills at the Big7 rally 2018. At that time, apart from enjoying the fantastic weather and the rally in general, the guys were also celebrating Andy’s 50th birthday, and in their
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Kintsugi Strength And Beauty In Imprefection
So I rush to Pordenone and ask for information, and I end up again at the headquarters of Scooter Italiano, owned by Bruno Pisaniello. When I arrive at the store I cannot believe my eyes, the owner of “0001” is there, in front of me. Like a hungry ha
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Welcome to the Scootering Power & Performance Supplement
Having sprint record holder Stu Owen and scooter tuning genius Darrell Taylor on the editorial team has been a real boon for both you the reader, and myself as editor. Their respective achievements speak for themselves and they have an invaluable amo
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Scooter Details
Scooter model: Originally an Indian GP 150. Didn’t mind chopping an Indian frame up Date purchased and cost: 2012 – Bought as a non-runner for £450 Inspiration for project and theme: Inspiration for the project was a write-up of the Rossa 350 a lon
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Team Red Bull Street Racer
It's certainly relevant to Geoff Anscombe's creation, a fire-breathing street racer scooter, based on a thoroughbred Italian Grand Prix. It was sourced and obtained amongst a collection of scooters back in 94 at an auto-jumble held at Imola racing ci
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OS Maps… Back To The Old School?
I was in acoffee shop the other day, talking with some motorcyclists about finding routes and directions. They were sitting with cups of coffee, a road atlas, an Ordnance Survey map, mobile phones and a sat-nav. It was an interesting mix of old techn
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Project Poland: Man Down
Of all the things that I thought could jeopardise Project Poland, the NHS wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, we have some illness in the family. Before anyone sends a get well card, it’s not me, but we’re faced with problems that many readers with el
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Man And Machine
Name: Geoff Anscombe Scooter club: Troglodytes SC, Newquay, Cornwall First interest in scooters: I was a Mod in the 60s and bought my first scooter on my 16th birthday. I had no idea how to ride it, but learned on the way home. Obviously wearing a
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Let The Sunshine In Scarborough National Rally 2019
I always judge the potential of an East Coast rally by the amount of filtering required on the A64. This year, I conservatively calculate that I filtered for at least 30 of the 80 or so miles it took me to reach what has to be my favourite British ra
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Vmsc Extravaganza 2019 A Vibrant, Exciting And Rewarding Day For Everyone!
The extravaganza was held at the usual location, the Sports Connexion Centre, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. When I arrived there was already a large amount of activity with dealers and traders hastily unloading their goods ready for sale. In the meant
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Exhausting Issues
The Lambretta exhaust system is a simple two-piece design compromising the downpipe and box section, so why is it so difficult to stop it coming loose? There are various reasons for this and none more so than the way Innocenti made it in the first pl
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OOTER I Recycled, Reworked, Reborn C N
The starting point for this project was awell-used GTS, which had developed an unhealthy amount of rust. “I was told by afew people that you couldn’t cut a GTS down. I’d argued the opposite, without having any proof to back it up. It was an idea I’d
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Project Street Sleeper Part 6
My biggest frustration when I rang the garage was fitting shitty parts, and as we all know… the scooter world is full of them! In the end I had a very specific list of parts that I would work with, and wouldn’t entertain anything outside of that remi
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Worthing Custom Scooter Show 2019
Karen and Mike explained: “We’d put a lot of work into developing new ideas into what is already a very popular event. We’ve got a good following on social media and before the big day arrived we’d been seeing healthy advanced ticket sales, which gav
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BSSO Race 2 Mallory
The Standard class races were first up and ex-champion Darren Conneely popped up for his first meeting of the year, while Damon Tunnicliffe was guesting on the SRP Team’s group 4 machine after a couple of years away. Local riders Mark ‘Clippo’ Clipst
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Welcome To The June Edition Of Scootering
Beware the ‘echo chamber’… take a broader view. I’m not one for trying to dispense worldly advice of any kind. I don’t think I’m in a position to advise anyone really. However, sometimes people’s behaviour patterns can leave me in a state of despair.
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Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting!
Michael is a self-confessed Vespa man and since he purchased the Vespa 50 Special when he was a teenager he’s had plenty of scooters. “Some of the models I’ve had over the years I wish I’d have kept, but times move on and at the time when you sell th
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Kev's chronicles-Episode 6
Three decades had passed since Kev Walsh had ventured into the world of scooters. It had definitely been a wild ride over the years with plenty of ups and downs, from the early days venturing out on the road to the hilarious short-lived trip into sco
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